Wrestling The Tin Man

A few years back, I spent a crazy day working on-set with a professional wrestler (who shall remain nameless).  One of my favorite journals, Star 82 Review, was kind enough to give a home to my little story about it.

You can find it here:  Wrestling The Tin Man

If you care to offer any guesses as to this wrestler’s identity, I wouldn’t bother!  Sadly, I will not be able to confirm or deny, as I do not enjoy being sued and whatnot.  I’m not a fan of receiving cease and desist letters – unless it’s one of those that I get every month from Wayne Newton.  They smell like his hair cologne!

This journal is available in print, too, so isn’t that exciting, sassypants?!  😊 You can buy it here if you feel so inclined!

I bought two copies so that when I’m all old and washed up (about 6 months from now), I can show it to the otters I’ve trained to take care of me in my old age and say, “Before I lost my hands in that Valentine’s Day fireworks “accident” at Wayne Newton’s ranch, I used to be able to write stories about the weird things that have happened in my life!” and then the otters will all look at each other, nod in agreement, and then hold a pillow over my face until I stop moving, and then escape out the wall like that guy in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

Thanks for being awesome and hanging out with me here every week.  I friggin’ loved writing this story and I have the most fun with you folks and I’m so glad you’re here.

I couldn’t do this without…


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The Call Was Coming From Inside the Cockroach

I wrote a fun little nonfiction piece about growing up in Florida among the dreaded Palmetto Bugs and X-R-A-Y Magazine was kind enough (and not squeamish at all) about publishing it on their site today!

You can check it out here: The Call Was Coming From Inside the Cockroach

If you are disturbed by vivid descriptions of bugs, then I shall direct you to this photograph of Steven Seagal holding a panda cub, which is only marginally less disturbing.  Who are we kidding?  It’s way, way more disturbing.

Click through and check out some of the other pieces on their site – they’re a really fantastic publication and I’m honored to be added to their contributor’s list.  Some of my favorite writers are on there!

Thanks for hanging out with me every week!  And let’s not forget why we’re all really here: