Wrestling The Tin Man

A few years back, I spent a crazy day working on-set with a professional wrestler (who shall remain nameless).  One of my favorite journals, Star 82 Review, was kind enough to give a home to my little story about it.

You can find it here:  Wrestling The Tin Man

If you care to offer any guesses as to this wrestler’s identity, I wouldn’t bother!  Sadly, I will not be able to confirm or deny, as I do not enjoy being sued and whatnot.  I’m not a fan of receiving cease and desist letters – unless it’s one of those that I get every month from Wayne Newton.  They smell like his hair cologne!

This journal is available in print, too, so isn’t that exciting, sassypants?!  😊 You can buy it here if you feel so inclined!

I bought two copies so that when I’m all old and washed up (about 6 months from now), I can show it to the otters I’ve trained to take care of me in my old age and say, “Before I lost my hands in that Valentine’s Day fireworks “accident” at Wayne Newton’s ranch, I used to be able to write stories about the weird things that have happened in my life!” and then the otters will all look at each other, nod in agreement, and then hold a pillow over my face until I stop moving, and then escape out the wall like that guy in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

Thanks for being awesome and hanging out with me here every week.  I friggin’ loved writing this story and I have the most fun with you folks and I’m so glad you’re here.

I couldn’t do this without…


tenor (2)


23 thoughts on “Wrestling The Tin Man

  1. Very good, Maggie! Those guys always fascinated me. I used to call on the wrestling office for the upper Midwest back in the late 70s and early 80s when I was in another place and life and got to meet quite a few wrestlers. Some weren’t much bigger than me (5’11”, 195) and some were huge. They were all pretty normal, a lot of them having been college athletes, but their wrestling personas were always entertaining. I am pretty sure I know of whom you speak.

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    1. Thanks so much for reading – it was definitely one of the stranger days of my life! I’m amazed at how a human can be so huge and tall and function in daily life. I just kept wondering how he ever managed to drive a regular car, or use an airplane bathroom. Hell, most 10-year olds are too big to fit in an airplane bathroom.

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  2. How exciting and frightening all at once Maggie! Exciting because you worked with a pro wrestler and frightening because running around trying to find more than one kind of baby oil, lol. Your adventures never cease to amaze me! 😎
    There’s only one pro wrestler that will always have my heart, Rowdy Roddy Piper, I was/am so in love with him even though he’s gone, he’ll always live in my heart *sigh*.

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    1. Rowdy Roddy’s style was unparalleled! The kilt, the t-shirt, the hair! ❤ I wasn't super into wrestling when I was a kid, but anytime I stayed over at my friend's house (who had three brothers), we watched wrestling pretty much nonstop. I eventually developed a liking for Brutus The Barber Beefcake, but probably just because I liked his outfit so much!

      My husband grew up a wrestling fan, so sometimes we watch old matches on YouTube and he explains all the moves and backstage drama to me. 🙂

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  3. My baby brother has a form of giantism, and he moves like that. Slow and ponderous with his head and shoulders hunched down to avoid doorframes. It has to get frustrating!

    Also, little old ladies regularly accost him to get stuff off the top shelves at Walmart, and he has WAY more patience than I do.

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    1. It must be so hard for folks to not hit their head on doorways, I know I would have 100 concussions by now if I had to watch out for them. I would think navigating daily life would be frustrating enough, but then to have to be the designated shelf-reacher on top of it? My patience would be zero!

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  4. Well that WAS an adventure. Reminds me of the time, . . . um, nope – I got nothing. that was quite out there. So fun that you stumbled on it. Good lord, what if you hadn’t found the baby oil? I once worked for a baseball hat manufacturer. The things that were considered life altering – I was always whispering under my breath, ‘It’s just baseball hats people.’ And why, oh why did I not end up with a long, impressive career there?

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    1. Haha! People get caught up in the smallest things, it’s nuts. I had a similar experience when I interviewed for an office position at a company that manufactured curtain accessories. Not even curtains. Curtain accessories. It was an 8-5 desk job, and they asked me if I would be comfortable working until 8pm some nights, and a few Saturdays a month. I was like uhhhhhhh…you know these are just curtain accessories, right? Burning the midnight oil for…curtain accessories.


    1. Regular Wrestling I happened upon only on occasion, but I did really love G.L.O.W. as a kid – it came out around 5th grade for me and it was so exciting to see women out there! Of course, I was too young to realize at the time that it was really geared towards a male audience, if you know what I mean! 😂


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