The Call Was Coming From Inside the Cockroach

I wrote a fun little nonfiction piece about growing up in Florida among the dreaded Palmetto Bugs and X-R-A-Y Magazine was kind enough (and not squeamish at all) about publishing it on their site today!

You can check it out here: The Call Was Coming From Inside the Cockroach

If you are disturbed by vivid descriptions of bugs, then I shall direct you to this photograph of Steven Seagal holding a panda cub, which is only marginally less disturbing.  Who are we kidding?  It’s way, way more disturbing.

Click through and check out some of the other pieces on their site – they’re a really fantastic publication and I’m honored to be added to their contributor’s list.  Some of my favorite writers are on there!

Thanks for hanging out with me every week!  And let’s not forget why we’re all really here:


13 thoughts on “The Call Was Coming From Inside the Cockroach

    1. Crunchy stuff, yes! It’s SO disturbing. If I ever see one that’s big enough that I can hear it chewing gum or eating mashed potatoes, I’m officially moving to Utah.


  1. You could put lipstick and a wig on it, but it’s still a cockroach. Maybe not as rude as the German version, but still.
    You really are making the Big Time lately! Congratulations!

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  2. I’ve never encountered a ‘Palmetto’ bug but, I’ve heard about them. The German ones are bad enough. I HAVE heard one of them scream if the death strike isn’t complete. And, when the death strike IS successful, they make that disgusting pop-squish noise.

    I just threw up in my mouth a little typing this…🤢🤬

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  3. Having been born in New Jersey and having lived down south for the first 17 years of my marriage? I know from cockroaches. Doesn’t matter what you call them, they’re all horrible. Anything that can live for a month without it’s head should be rightfully feared. Thankfully now I live up north where cockroaches fear to tread.
    Congrats on the publishing. You’re on a roll!

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    1. Thanks!! The pictures of the wildlife in your backyard make mine look like the inside of a roach motel. Baby woodchucks, pole-dancing raccoons – I mean come on! What I would give to have even one of those guys in my yard! 🙂

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  4. This is both disgusting and awesome! I cannot tolerate even the smallest, not-noisy chewing bugs. Recently there has been a huge invasion of stink bugs in the midwest. Those have to be put outside or they will smell when killed. The bastards. I find their half dead bodies milling around the window frames in the dead of winter. Go away already!

    Congrats on ANOTHER publication! You clearly rock. Enjoyed this even with the unavoidable heebee geebee accompaniment.

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    1. I don’t know that I’ve ever encountered a stink bug, I mean, metaphorically yes as you know from my dating history, but not an actual one! Do they smell sulfur-y?


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