Mz. Mannerz: The Fauxpology Prodigy

It’s time for another exciting installment of Mz. Mannerz!  Go put on a codpiece and brace yourself.  Like you weren’t already wearing one anyway.

The fake apology, or as it is often called, the fauxpology.  One of the more entertaining things a person can receive.  You could write it out as “Faux pas-logy” but that’s just confusing, so just go along with me here.

As you know, I had many years of experience dating scumbag musicians because for some reason or another I used to think I was worthless, so I’ve probably received more fauxpologies than most people, including such golden hits as…

“Hey, you know what?  I’m sorry you had to pay to get the electric turned back on again, but do you even care that I finally beat Grand Theft Auto Vice City while you were at work today?”

“Sorry you’re all ‘boo-hoo sad’ with your trust issues because I haven’t told my parents about us.  I’m doing you a favor.  If my mother knew I was living at your house for the past two years she would think you were a tramp and weren’t good enough for me.”

“Well, sorry if you have to get up early for work, but I’m having a good time and I’m not ready to go home yet.  Go sleep in the car if you’re tired.”

And yes, I walked out to a bar parking lot alone at 1am to sleep in my car.  My car that I had driven him to the bar in, because he had no car and no job, yet he felt he was the person in charge of when we would be leaving the bar.  Feel free to mentally transport yourself to the past and punch him in the dick.

…so I consider myself to be somewhat of a connoisseur of the fauxpology.

Now that I’m away from that horrific horseshittery, I find these fauxpologies almost endearing in hindsight.  They really are the gift that pretends to keep on giving.

There’s really only one correct way to say that you’re sorry:

  • By clearly stating that you are sorry for doing the shitty thing.

That’s the formula, in case you’re taking notes.

My god, please tell me you’re taking notes.  This website could self-destruct at any moment and then where would you be?  How would you know that the preferred Sheen/Estevez is actually Judd Nelson?

Here’s what an apology is not:

“Sorry if there were hurt feelings.”

This is what I like to call a “non-ownership” fauxpology.  For one thing, you couldn’t even be sincere enough to add the “I’m” before the word “sorry”?  That’s red flag number one that you’re not even remotely sorry.

The usage of the word “if” is another good indicator.  When you’re apologizing to someone, that means that they DO have hurt feelings.  There’s no question as to “if” they have hurt feelings.

And who’s hurt feelings are we even talking about here?  Because you didn’t mention anything about them being mine!  What you’ve done is just semi-apologized to the air, on behalf of the air.  You somehow managed to remove both of us from the entire equation, and questioned the notion that there were any hurt feelings to begin with.  Try again, shitass.

“I’m sorry you got your feelings hurt.”

I said try again.  That means try something different.  Not try the same damn bullshit again.

“I’m sorry that you’re so sensitive!”

Here’s the thing.  Do you want to have friends?  Would you like for people to be genuinely happy to see you?  Then when you do something shitty to them and they say, “Hey, that was shitty,” whether you intended to be shitty or not, you freaking apologize to them.  This is not cause for a debate over whether or not you feel they had a right to be upset about something you said or did – something that has clearly upset them either way.  Just apologize.  It goes something like this:  “I’m sorry I hurt your feelings.”  <—— Don’t cost nothin’!  AND DON’T SNEAK AN “IF” IN THERE.

“I’m sorry you took it that way.”

This is most often said when someone has said or done something so egregious that it’s undeniable, and now they’re basically trolling you.  This is how someone fauxpologizes after you get upset when they tell you, “Wow, you’ve really packed on weight since the last time I saw you!” or “Unlike you, I actually clean my house.”  There’s only one “way” to take those statements.  They were meant to be insulting.


See, now you’re yelling.  You’re yelling at someone who you’ve already wronged once.

Sometimes you can do something so super shitty that no amount of apologizing is going to make it better.  Sometimes it’s a sting that will take time to fade.  Sometimes it’s something unforgivable.  If someone is still upset after you apologize, that is not your cue to yell at the person.  That is your cue to figure out what you can possibly do to make it right, if anything, or just leave them alone and respect their space.

And people don’t have to actually accept your apology.  It’s not just a given in the apology transaction.  When you apologize, you are asking someone for forgiveness.  You don’t get to demand it from them.

So!  To summarize:

Stop being a dick and just say you’re sorry.

“Well, when I was on the debate team in high school…”


41 thoughts on “Mz. Mannerz: The Fauxpology Prodigy

  1. Now, don’t forget the passive- aggressive corporate, organizational fauxpology/nonpology, uttered by the backstabber who has just taken credit for or outright stolen your work: “hey, we’re all on the same team here” or the even more aggressive passive aggressive in your face nonpology by the ladder climbing shitty little bitch who reports to you but wants your job and routinely goes over your head and exceeds her authority, “I can see you’re very upset about this” and the best of all from the guy she went over your head to, “what’s the problem? She has good ideas.” Ideas she stole from you. But we’re all on the same team here, right? Not that any of this ever happened to *me* or anything….

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    1. I actually had a visceral reaction when I read “hey, we’re all on the same team here”, because I SWEAR it must be in a playbook somewhere that all the idea-stealers read! It’s infuriating!!

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      1. “Well, I was actually the one quarterbacking that deal from the beginning, so…” No you weren’t. And you’re not a quarterback. You’re a guy in accounts payable. I would be fine to end all sports references in business-talk.

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  2. I think you should print out these rules and distribute them to every teenager as they come of dating age. Then maybe…. by the time they’re adults they’ll realize the most important part of an apology is ownership and responsibility. Own that you were being a dick. Be responsible for your dickness hurting others. And here’s a thought…. don’t be a dick again.
    It’s a simple concept.
    Sorry, but I had to LOL at the 2nd one. You weren’t good enough for the freeloader? That’s rich.

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  3. Being shat upon like you were early on probably helped turn you in to the woman you are today. You should be grateful to those assholes you wasted your time on when you were younger. When I think about the apologies I hear in real life, many if not most of them are fauxpologies (although I like your Frenglish fauxpaslogy word, too). You sum it up nicely at the end by reminding the general public to stop being a dick. Thank you.

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  4. My favorite scumbag fauxpology I’ve ever received:
    Me: We don’t have the money.
    Unemployed, live in: I’m sorry but you’ll just have to work harder.
    Your scumbags may be related to my scumbags.

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    1. Classic scumbag – I probably dated him! He sounds exactly like my old type!

      I had one who didn’t work, stayed at home all day playing video games, and he told me “we” needed to upgrade our internet service because it was making his games lag. He said he would be willing to “chip in” for the additional cost. I was like, “How about “chipping in” for rent, electric, phone, food…”

      He told me to stop being mean to him.

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      1. I am laughing out loud at this comment(?).
        I can relate all to well.
        My ex once asked me how our bank account could possibly be so overdrawn ($3000) ~
        I told him it happens when you write checks (I didn’t allow him to have a debit card) without putting your fucking paycheck in the bank

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      2. The disconnect from reality is always astonishing to me. “Huh? Checks need to be deposited or the account has no money??”

        I had one who told me all about the new Playstation he was going to buy when he got paid, literally while we were on the way to his bank so I could deposit enough cash to cover all the checks he was about to bounce. I told him he might want to pay me back before he bought a new Playstation. He pouted and gave me the silent treatment for the rest of the night.

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  5. You, my dear, should give classes on apologies. We could call you Professor Mannerz and state that you are sticking to the rule of corporal punishment should anyone in you class not learn the right way to apologize.

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  6. Oh dear GOD-freaking-ALMIGHTY. You seem to have spent a rather large amount of your time around gi-HUGIC assholes. I’ve come close to drawing back and punching faces over the “you’re just too sensitive” remarks. No. YOU are just a complete asshole and, if I could do it without getting myself wet, I’d pee on your shoes (think Jack Nicholson in Wolf).

    Yeah. Judd Nelson. Michael Keaton. RIGHTEOUS.

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  7. This is PERFECT. I want to plaster it all over the world. “I’m sorry you took it that way,” is one I’ve heard over and over, and it makes my blood boil. Thank you!

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    1. Oh, there were some real winners in that conga line! If I had a nickel for every musician I dated that didn’t have a job, they would have just stolen it. 🙂


  8. YES. THIS.

    As a side note, for those interested in providing actual apologies, the Five Languages of Apologies book is very useful. I finally figured out that my dad didn’t want to hear ‘I’m sorry I hurt you’ or ‘what can I do to make up for it?’. He actually wants to hear ‘This won’t happen again’ followed by results. Seems like a minor difference, but it was a huge issue until I understood that!

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  9. I’m Canadian, and we’re pretty good at the whole apology thing. Sorry for being braggy. The one I hate the most is “Well, I’m very sorry that you feel that way”, because the person who says that most certainly DOESN’T!

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