Could You Be…The Most Annoying Brain in The World?

I like to think of my brain as the most annoying brain in the world, so it is with great pleasure that I tell you that I’ve had a classified ad from 1993 stuck in said annoying brain for the past 26 years, and Drunk Monkeys was kind enough to publish a little 463 word flash nonfiction piece I wrote about it.

You can check it out here:  GREG BRADY IS GOD

Thanks so much for joining me on this wild ride, folks.  Be sure and tell ’em Large Marge sent ya!

And also this guy:



18 thoughts on “Could You Be…The Most Annoying Brain in The World?

  1. In my case – its a headline from inside of a National Enquirer from 1981: “Scientists Prove that Plants Can Sing, Talk and do Math.”

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  2. Sorry Maggie, but I’m not a fan of Peter Brady either… t-shirt would have said
    Keith Partridge Is God
    And I would have worn it proudly. lmao

    Congrats on another story/article published, you’re on a roll here. Soon you’ll abandon the Ladies of Hades before it even had a chance to get started!

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  3. Ack, where was the damn art teacher when you needed him, lol!

    None of those Brady boys ever did anything for me. I was obsessed with Marcia though… She was so perfect and pretty and suuuuuuch a bitch. I most def would have bought a t-shirt that said Marcia Brady Is God. Strike that… I would have bought the SWEATSHIRT.

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  4. That is awesome. I never cared for Greg. As a middle child, I could not relate to his cause of being the oldest. Boo hoo. I always thought Bobby was super cute. There it is – my secret is out. I never thought to put it on t-shirt. Congrats on another published work. You rock.

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    1. Thanks! It’s funny – a woman I used to work with told me out of the blue one day that she dated the guy who played Bobby (when they were teenagers) and I never, ever believed her, solely because I had been working with her for two years at that point and I couldn’t believe anyone would wait two years to tell someone they had dated a Brady!


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