Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now, Daddio

Hi frenz!  My micro-essay “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now, Daddio” is up at Foliate Oak Literary Magazine today.  It’s a short humor piece about how I successfully tricked a local radio DJ into playing my favorite Starship song when I was a kid.

No, really.

You can read it here: Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now, Daddio

Foliate Oak is the literary magazine for the University of Arkansas, and the irony that I did not attend a single day of college in my entire life is not lost on me here.  This is my first publication in a university journal, which basically means I get an honorary doctoral degree now or something, so you may now commence calling me Doctor Pissypants.

I have actually been to Arkansas, though.  Right in that area where you drive over the Mississippi River out of Memphis, Tennessee and you see that “Welcome to Arkansas!” sign in the middle of a corn field and say to the person in the passenger seat, “Uh oh” and then turn the car around and drive back to Memphis for more day-drinking.

Thanks so much for reading!  I’ve just been walking around all day lately not believing my luck.

And here’s your weird boyfriend Nicolas Cage, who is also my weird boyfriend, and the universe’s weird boyfriend.

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28 thoughts on “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now, Daddio

  1. Daddio? The guy must have been way older than even me! I remember using a fake voice on clandestine phone calls in my younger days. Anonymity can be a great tool when trying to accomplish the seemingly impossible. An honorary degree would be way cheaper than one of those store bought ones. Even an associates degree would be good if it were bestowed upon you. At least you aren’t being published by Trump University. No one would believe you then.

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    1. His name was Rick Shaw, just passed away in 2017 at age 78! He was on the air for decades here in Florida – I wish I still had that 8 x 10 autographed picture!


      1. I’ll have to drive through there the next time I cross that bridge from Memphis to Arkansas! I’m always amazed at how many cute little cool towns there are hidden in the south. We went to Greenville, SC last year and I could have moved there instantly!

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      2. I kidnapped a friend from Fayetteville to go to Memphis – not realizing how far apart they were 🤦‍♀️ I have heard such good things about Greenville, but haven’t been yet. It’s next on our long-weekend list, maybe for this fall.

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  2. Wow Maggie, your my new literary hero, you’ve been published a lot lately and now, NOW a collegiate magazine?!? Hello? When are you going to write a book? Get to it Skippy! lol
    I remember trying to record songs right off the radio too, it sucked monkey balls when anyone would barge in. I was only one of two kids in my household but damn any adult within shouting distance would come out in the background. Some ghostly sounding Spanish speaking annoying “interruptus” in the middle of Cuts Like A Knife by Bryan Adams! I found an old cassette of Cinderella’s Night Songs a couple of weeks ago in my garage. My youngest just looked at it and said “What’s that?” he’s a 24 yr old millennial….*eye roll*.

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    1. Every now and then I think about buying an old tape recorder and taping stuff off the radio for fun, but then I remember that every cassette sounded like “hissssssssssssssss” over the top of music and I re-think it. Not that I don’t still curse the day that I gave away my Guns ‘n Roses cassingle for “Don’t Cry” as a prize at a dance-off. That’s a story for another day!
      Actually that’s pretty much the entire story.

      Book’s written, just in the editing process now and a couple magazines have first rights on some excerpts they’ve foolishly agreed to publish! 🙂 The first chapter should be published in the next few days, so I’ll keep you posted!

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  3. Nick has been everyone’s weird boyfriend since Valley Girl.
    How many times did you watch it on HBO? I am guilty of at least three dozen views.
    Another great post.

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  4. The only think I can think of when I see the word Daddio, is a joke from the early 60’s – before hippies. A beatnik was asked to describe the Holy Trinity – God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, The response – Daddio, Laddio and Spook. I believe it was told to me by your grandfather who probably heard it from a minister at a Christian Businessmen Monthly Breakfast and Prayer Meeting.

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  5. Congrats Dr. Pissypants. Published in a university journal for the new generation to ponder… sweet!
    Is this the right time to tell you I have numerous mixed 8 track tapes in my cellar… You think recording onto cassettes was hard?

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    1. I’m such a 70s nostalgia nut, it broke my heart when I finally had to part with my 8-tracks. We still have a healthy record collection, but I still miss those tapes! The star of my collection was a Rick Springfield “Hard to Hold”, which came out in the 80s but was still issued on 8-track!

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      1. I have lots of vinyl as well. Bought a turntable that converts to MP3 files years ago but damn, it was time consuming. Love my iPod, but some of those old obscure songs are hard to find. Moon Martin anyone…?

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    1. Thanks!! Sometimes it takes months from the time of acceptance to when they actually run a piece, so the timing can get crazy – two pieces in a week, then nothing for a month. I have another one coming out this month that was accepted way back in December!

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      1. Oh gosh, it’s like on a making a movie timeline… Filming/writing months or a year before it premiers/publishes. It’s just really incredible to get published, you should be celebrating! 🥳

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  6. Just read the Daddio story and the previous Mommy’s date one. Both hilarious! Congrats on getting published. You rock. I so remember trying to tape things off the radio. The key was to try NOT to get the DJ’s chatter at the start of the song on the recording. I would sit there finger twitching waiting to hit record and trying to figure out if the next song was indeed recording worthy. The good ole days.

    That guy is so lucky you didn’t know hot to locate brake lines.

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