Proof of Deliverance

Hey, skankaroos! My essay “Proof of Deliverance” is in The New Southern Fugitives this week. If you grew up poor, then you will definitely recognize these bill-dodging techniques!

You can check it out here: The New Southern Fugitives

Special shout out to my sister Julie for doing such a superb job running interference with FPL all those years ago. Happy birthday, old lady!  Did I mention that you’re old?  Because you are.  So, so old.

Thanks to The New Southern Fugitives for giving this essay a home that feels just right and, as always, thank you all so, so much for being freaking awesome.

Who I think I am in Deliverance vs who I actually am in Deliverance

15 thoughts on “Proof of Deliverance

  1. Gawd Maggs, your on a roll! Look at you getting all published and stuff. Hey that doesn’t mean your off the hook in your duties to the Ladies of Hades, you DON’T want me to send you a certified letter now, right? 🤣😝😎

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