14 thoughts on “My First Piece Has Been Published!

  1. Wow! That’s the same way it happens for guys who never actually speak to the girl of their dreams at that age. We know we want her, but we have no idea why or what we would do with her if our existence was ever acknowledged. If it didn’t universally work that way we would ALL be pregnant by the time we were 14.

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  2. so impressed my niece. BUT remember the declining benefits vs the linear acceleration of getting 100% drunk at your age. Less booze more drunk. No sugar in booze or mixer, better morning. Straight vodka and a quart of water at bedtime – no hangover but you may need clean sheets in the morning.

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  3. The slow burn that didn’t even leave a singe mark. I loved this. I originally loved this via Twitter, but only seemed right and proper to add a rubber stamp of approval here too. Much congratulations (after typing the word FOUR times because my fingers refused to put the letters in the correct order). 😉

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